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We service, diagnose problems, repair or replace damaged components and recharge the air conditioning systems of cars, trucks and other vehicles, whether it be R-12, R-134a or HFO-1234yf (R1234yf). You can bring your vehicle to our workshop or alternatively we can come to your business if within our area which covers the majority of north Kent and also much of south east London. Appointments are essential so please call to arrange a time on 01474 832941.

Service cost includes recovery of refrigerant, any oils or dyes required, a system vacuum and re-charge with the required refrigerant. Full leak check before and after.

We do not dabble with Refrigeration or with the air-conditioning of buildings of any kind. We are pure specialists in the aircon of vehicles whether they be cars, trucks, combine harvesters, agricultural, coaches or plant.

Hints, tips and information on car airconditioning

Click on this link for several pages of information which may help you to run your system more effectively, give you an insight into what is going on under the bonnet in the AC department and may also allow a little self-diagnosis if your AC system is making funny noises or is not up to scratch. There are also pages on whether running the AC is costing you more in fuel (not as straightforward as you may think) and also the effect that using the aircon button may or may not have on the environment including one page which is really a bit of a rant from a slightly sceptical old man.

Service for your auto air conditioning? - The Area we cover

For the new refrigerant HFO1234yf, also called R1234yf, we are able to cover a much wider area than previously as there are few  competent technicians available in the UK yet.

Any car or truck over four years old could benefit from an AC service. Working in a moving vehicle the aircon system loses a percentage of the refrigerant every year, very much more than a static system, such as a refrigerator would do in a similar time. If the AC system is allowed to run only partially full there is much more likihood of problems arising, so a regular AC service at perhaps three year intervals will almost certainly save you money. There are many opportunities to have it recharged today, main dealerships, garages, tyre and exhaust centres, even virtual DIY at Halfords. Almost any fool can add some extra refrigerant and make the car cooler - at least temporarily. The expertise is to ensure that the vehicle stays that way. That expertise is not a common commodity and is found only in those that spend years of their working life doing nothing but vehicle air conditioning and also with the specialised tools necessary to detect leaks or to diagnose other AC faults.

Our standard service takes around an hour or maybe a bit more and costs from £60 including vat during the wintertime depending on your location. We don't waste your time as we come to your business with one of our specialized equipped AC service vans. If your car has the earlier Freon (R12) refrigerant (approx before 1993) this is no problem to us and we usually advise a conversion to the newer refrigerant R134a. This need not be horrendously expensive and for most vehicles we are able to convert and recharge for a total of £115 plus vat and then subsequent recharges in three years time will be much cheaper. There is a page on this website devoted to the subject of the older classic car.

Should your car require new parts we are well served by several excellent specialist aircon suppliers who are able to supply replacement parts at prices usually well below the car manufacturers list price. Most of these parts are exactly the same as in the Original Equipment Manufacturers box and thus carry the same warranty - they are not just copies of these OE parts (these are referred to as Pattern Parts). A few parts, mostly specialised hoses, we can obtain only from the car manufacturer. We hold a stock of some of the most frequently required parts and are able to obtain most other parts in 24 hours. Our service vans are well equipped with spare fittings and specialized tools and we are often able to repair damaged hoses and pipe work or make up some completely new hoses on site. Occasionally for common problem hoses we fabricate an alternative hose of better design. With our knowledge we will not buy bargain-line parts unless specially requested. We use OE parts or those of identical quality.

Much of our work is dedicated to the accident repair trade. We offer a specialized service to these and to other trade services. Our current clientele include some of the largest Accident Repair Centres in the South East, including Porsche Approved Repairers, Mercedes Repairers, Jaguar and BMW specialists and main dealerships for trucks and vans as well as for cars.

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