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Stretch Limos

This page refers mostly to those luxury saloons or sedans that have been modified to accomodate more passengers than originally designed for. The most commonly seen were made and modified in the USA and frequently imported into the UK to be used for joyous occasions when the large passenger compartment offers much more legroom and also an opportunity to enjoy music or games than is available in the standard vehicle or even a minibus. Two examples of use might be taking a party of elegantly attired racegoers to enjoy Ladies Day at Royal Ascot or taking a group of young pretty girls up to London on a "Hen-night".

For those more sombre occasions like funerals and for executive use the saloons chosen are more inclined to be made and modified in Europe.

Both of these types of vehicles are usually modified to provide more cooling in the rear compartment for these extra passengers. There are other very different vehicles that have the same requirement and where the modifications to the the aircon system may be similar - an ambulance, a taxi, a minibus, a sales van, a security van (no opening windows), a police or prison van, a horse box.

Some of these vehicles have two completely separate AC systems whereas some others have the existing aircon system modified to increase the cooling capacity. Where the original AC system has been modified the extra capacity is often putting a considerable strain on the compressor and it is foolish to expect it to run without fairly frequent recharges, perhaps even as frequent as each springtime especially if the vehicle is part of a professional operation such as a limousine fleet.

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